Goforth Forest Management, Inc. provides a complete range of forest management services from reforestation practices to marketing mature timber for a sale. In addition to timber management and timber sales, we provide assistance with land sales, land purchases and “like-kind” exchanges. The complete list of our management services are the following:

  • Timber Sales – Bid Sales, 100% Sawtimber Tree Counts, Unit Sales for select cutting or plantation thinnings.
  • Timber Inventory Cruising
  • Timber Appraisals – Timber Valuation, Damage, Trespass.
  • Reforestation – Mechanical site preparation, Site-Prep burning, Site-Prep Herbicide Application, Manual Planting, Machine Planting, Planting Inspections.
  • Land Sales – Licensed Real Estate Broker, Assistance with land sales, Land acquisition and Like-Kind exchanges.
  • Silvicultural Practices, Prescribe Burning, Mid-Rotation Herbicide Application, Fertilization, Pine plantation thinning, Timber Stand Improvement (TSI), Pest Management, Best Management Practices (BMP’s).
  • Boundary Line Maintenance
  • Forest Management Plans     (Sample: FOREST MANAGEMENT PLAN )
  • Mapping – GPS, Aerial Photography, GIS mapping.
  • Recreation Development
  • Watershed Protection  – Streamside Management