Goforth Forest Management, Inc.

Goforth Forest Management, Inc. is a forest management consulting firm serving private landowners with forest management practices in order to achieve their established goals. We have over 60 years of combined experience both in selling timber and managing timberland investments. Our services begin at the start of a forests life cycle with reforestation practices such as site preparation and seedling planting. We provide landowners with mid-rotation management services such as; pine plantation thinning, herbicide treatments, fertilization, timber stand improvement harvesting and other related services. Our services also extend outside timber management including: GPS Mapping, boundary line maintenance, damage appraisals, timber inventories, land sales and land acquisition.

The ownership is family based with Ricky Goforth serving as head of the company. His two sons, Jason and Ryan are partners of the company. Ricky has been a Registered Forester in Mississippi since 1977. Jason has been a Registered Forester in Mississippi and Alabama since 1998. Ryan has a Forest Technician degree from East Mississippi Community College and has been working in forest management consulting since 1995.

Our company specializes in marketing timber through bid sales. Our process of selling timber is unique to most others, being one of the few consulting firms in our area which conducts 100% tree counts. In this process, each of the saw timber size trees are measured with a steel diameter tape and tallied according to its height. This method of volume accounting is the most accurate and will generate more interest from buyers than a cruise.