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If you are a buyer and would like to receive notices from us regarding sales of timber or timber land, please fill out the form below and be sure to click the “Send” button at the bottom of the page.

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    Goforth Forest Management, Inc. would like to better understand the demographics of our buyers. By providing answers to the questions below, we will be better equipped to find tracts of timber suited for your company’s needs.

    1) In general, which areas or regions do you primarily purchase standing timber in?:

    North MS
    Central MS
    South Central MS
    Coastal MS/AL
    North AL
    Central AL
    South Central AL
    Coastal AL/North FL
    East Central MS & West Central AL

    2) In general, which type of production best describes your current logging force?:

    Pine Plantation Thinning/Select CuttingClearcutsBoth

    3) How many crews does your company employ that do "thinning only"?:

    012More than 2

    4) In general, which types of standing timber tracts does your company purchase?:

    Pine Plantation Thinnings
    Pine Plantation Chip-N-Saw
    Mature Pine
    Mixed Mature Pine & Hardwood
    Mature Hardwood
    Grade Hardwood Logs
    Hardwood Pulpwood

    Please list any products not mentioned above that your company is specifically interested in.:

    4) What information can we provide through our website or Sales Prospectus that will improve your buying opportunity?:

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